Search Engine Optimization

Who do you want to visit?

We help you figure out who you want to attract to your web site. We research your competition. We analyze your customers. We may even talk to a few of them.

How will they find you?

We help you identify those special keywords that uniquely describe your business. We find out if those are the keywords people are actually using on the Internet. Or is it another, perhaps similar combination, that will better serve you in getting your customers’ attention?

Regan Nursery sells bareroot roses from November to January. We designed the site to rank highly on key search engines


Build web pages to match

We then build web pages optimized for those keywords and specific search engines. If necessary, these may be in addition to the rest of your site. We publish your pages and submit them to the search engines. We can, if desired, track exactly who finds your web pages and how they got there—how long they spend on your site, including what pages they visit—what pages they begin with and what pages they end on. So you know just what you are getting for your dollar.

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