Transparent Access to Information

The path to a specific piece of information must accomplish its purpose without distracting the visitor from the content. This “information architecture” should be unobtrusive. In fact, if it’s working well, the visitor probably won’t notice the elegance of the interface. In the example help file for Reach Software, the help illustrating the product workflow using a clickable map.

Navigation Distraction

If the visitor has to click more than three or four times to find the information they seek, they often suffer navigation distraction and forget what they came looking for.

Information Overload

If there are too many links on a page, the user experiences information overload and quits.

Scrolling Endlessly

If there is too much content on a page requiring the user to scroll down, they may miss what’s important. Content must be “chunked” into meaningful pieces to minimize endless scrolling down pages.

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