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Technical Writing Samples

Web Development Samples

Cover CommerceOne Guide Commerce One Marketsite
Integration Guide
Click for larger image MyECheck
API sevices, installation, administration, and user guides
Payment processing
[Click for larger image] Intel
Health system upgrade, installation, server configuration guides
Triple AAA Backflow Prevention James Paulk Auto Body
Business Services
Triple AAA Backflow Prevention
Triple AAA Backflow Prevention Services
Business services
White Stag Leadership Development Pro-bono work
White Stag Leadership Development
Non-profit marketing
[Click for larger image] PayPal
Online content, emails,
product descriptions
Online payments
Tradi Import / Export Company Facebook
Social media page management
[Click for larger image] Commerce One Marketsite
Developers Guide PDF
Regan Nursery Regan Nursery
e-commerce site
[Click for larger image] BEA WebLogic Administrative Console
Online help
Boots and Blisters Boots and Blisters
Outdoors education site
[Click for larger image] Scientific Air Solutions
Bed and Breakfast Broker San Francisco Tours
Online tours broker
[Click for larger image] Intel Web Localization Content Analysis
(Acrobat version)
Cottage Restaurant Cottage Restaurant
Search engine optimization, new content, sales lead generation
[Click for larger image] ILux Enterprise Reference Guide
API References
Clyde Robin Wildflower Seed Company

Clyde Robin Wildflower Seed Company

[Click for larger image] Humic Acid Structure and Properties
Technical Data Sheet
(Acrobat version)
Clyde Robin Wildflower Seed Company

Ventana Tech
Technical recruiter