Ongoing Service

Our service doesn’t stop.

After the site is done

While we strive to build your site so you can maintain it yourself, once it is complete, you may need help from time to time. We offer both fixed rate and hourly site maintenance.

During the design and development phases, we build your web site so that it will index well by the major search engines. Then we query all the major search engines to see how your site ranks before we publish the new site. Once the new site is complete and publicly ready, we submit multiple pages of your site to all of the major search engines. Then we will monitor how your search engine rankings improve and provide you with monthly reports on your site’s progress.

Keeping you up while you sleep

We work hard to continually move your search engine positioning up so you don’t loose sleep, Along with monitoring how your site ranks on the search engines, we offer continuing monthly traffic analysis. We analyze your site for visitor traffic, including which search engines are most often used to find your site, what keywords customers use to find you, which pages/paths are most often used, the number of visitors, and so forth. We provide you with automatic, free ongoing reports so you what’s going on.

For service that doesn’t quit, contact us.