Customer Ownership

Our goal is to serve you and your company, to give you what you want, not what we think you need. Sounds simple, but with all the hype over the Internet and the buzz around “broadband” this and “interactive” that, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. So our process is designed every step of the way to make sure you totally understand and are completely comfortable with what you will own when the work is done.

You own the process

To this end, we implement a project management process to design and produce your Web site. We include you and budget time for you, our client, to review and approve each step.

  1. Project Analysis
  2. Information Design
  3. Visual and Interactivity Design
  4. Web Site Production
  5. Site Uploading and Testing

You own the end results

When we are done, you get master copies of everything. We’ve met busienss owners who have lost control of their web sites because the design or host forgot to “give them the keys.” They are stuck with a site they can’t update. You will never be left high and dry without the ability to get your site updated, whether by us, or—we promise not to cry—someone else. But we believe we’ll do such a good job you won’t want to turn elsewhere.

Let us help you take ownership of your online business. Contact us today.