Content Development

Web Design and Development

Utilizing our skills in understanding your user audience, we build fast and comprehensive web sites that meet user needs. No one likes to sit at the computer monitor, clicking endlessly, and read on and on. Cognitive studies show that users often forget what they are looking for after no more than five or six clicks on links.

Like the world of books, the information has to be organized. The means for finding information is even more critical in the online world.

Many web sites are built from the inside-out, that is, from the perspective of the company or department. The content is organized relative to the perspective of the knowledgeable insider. But pity the poor uninitiated customer who’s unfamiliar with your company or your products.

Presenting any body of information means taking a look at it from the customer’s point of view: if you are like most people, you only care about what you want to know—now. Everything else is incidental.

You have less than five seconds to motivate a visitor to browse your web site after they arrive at any given page.


Navigation Design is Key

The layout and design had better be easy on the eye and readily accessible.

The navigation elements must be readily recognized and self-explanatory. The content must be well-defined from the user’s point of view.

Since every visitor is unique, there must be alternative ways to find information. Some will browse; some look instantly for the search button; others scan for a specific keyword on the home page; others will look for a site map.

This is why design is as important as writing.